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2nd International Conference on COPD and Lung Diseases (COPD 2022)


Magnus Group stretches a warm invitation to the dynamic scholars from all over the globe to attend its premier learning and networking event “2nd International Conference on COPD and Lung Diseases (COPD 2022).

This global summit is going to be held Virtually during September 14-15, 2022 and is open for all healthcare professionals with a respiratory interest who work in primary care, family medicine, or in the community.

Based on the theme of “Breathing in New Approaches and Advances in The Field of COPD and Lung Diseases”, this congress will provide a balanced two-day program on the most crucial factors facing primary care nowadays in low, middle, and high-income nations, with pertinent hot topics from respiratory research, education, novel treatment approaches, diagnostic tools and management in primary care.

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has infected millions of individuals throughout the world. Patients infected with the coronavirus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome 2 (SARS-CoV-2) are at risk of developing acute respiratory failure, which can lead to death. Asthma and COPD affect an estimated 10–20 percent of the global population, hence study into the effects of COVID-19 in these patient populations is vital. Chronic respiratory disorders (mainly asthma and COPD) have been implicated as risk factors for severe COVID-19, as have other comorbidities. Patients with asthma and COPD may have more severe outcomes with viral infections due to prior lung function abnormalities, airway hypersensitivity, and immunological changes. Through the global podium of COPD 2022, we sought to explore whether asthma and COPD were risk factors for COVID-19 severe outcomes?

Academicians, educators, researchers, scientists, healthcare professionals, pulmonologists, respiratory specialists, pharmacists, clinicians, nurses, research scholars, students from medical schools, intellectuals, and professionals who are eager to learn and conduct research in the fields of COPD, Asthma and respiration related fields from the world’s most prominent and prestigious scientists are cordially invited to attend and broaden their horizons. COPD 2022 is expected to attract people from all over the globe due to the abundance of informative plenary sessions, keynote lectures, exhibitions, and technical events such as oral and poster presentations.

We believe that this event will serve as an instructive and motivational opportunity for prospective researchers and young scientists to meet with leading professionals in the field of respiratory illnesses. We anticipate you finding this COPD 2022 Congress to be both enlightening and engaging!