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Congratulations to our writers/photographers for their outstanding achievements in the 2016 NATJA Travel Media Awards Competition!

From the Publisher

natja2016-winsJanuary 31st, 2017
Vancouver, BC

For the 2nd year in a row, articles published in Just For Canadian Doctors and Just For Canadian Dentists magazines were honoured as the “best of the best” in travel media by the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA). On behalf of associates, partners and supporters of Just For Canadian Doctors and Just For Canadian Dentists magazines, congratulations to our writers/photographers Barb Sligl, Janet Gyenes and Lucas Aykroyd on their 2016 award(s) for excellence in travel writing, photography and promotion!  It is a privilege for our magazines that their work was chosen as winners or finalists among esteemed publications.  Just For Canadian Dentist and/or Just For Canadian Doctors magazine published 1 gold, 2 bronzes and 5 finalists–see list below! Click here to see the complete list of 2016 NATJA Awards Competition Winners and Finalists.

Award-winning writing and photography continue to make our magazines a must-read for doctors and dentists.  Looking forward to another successful year in 2017.

Linh T. Huynh





Category 109: Illustrated Story, Magazine

gold-bulletsBarbara Sligl, “On the Central Coast," Just for Canadian Dentists

silver-bulletsTim Leffel, “Paradise Found (Kicking Back, Turks & Caicos),” Global Traveler

bronzeJenn Smith Nelson, “Discovering Grasslands,” Prairies North

finalists-bulletsBarbara Sligl, “Belle Saison,” Just for Canadian Dentists

finalists-bulletsLucinda Hahn, “Mythic River: River Cruising on the Danube,” AAA Living

On the Central Coast Belle Saison

Category 122: Special Focus Travel Articles - Print: Sports, Recreation, and Adventure

gold-bulletsJayme Moye, “Flight Plan: Soaring in a Motorless Glider Plane,” 5280 Magazine

silver-bulletsSarah Khan, “7 Days, 1500 Miles in Namibia,” The New York Times

bronzeAaron Gulley, “Uncharted Territory,” Virtuoso Life

finalists-bulletsBarbara Sligl, “Call of the Wild,” Just for Canadian Doctors

finalists-bulletsSusan Nerberg, “Roll the Casbah,” AirCanada en Route

finalists-bulletsJayne Wise, “In Your Forties: South America,” National Geographic Traveler

Call Of the Wild

Category 131: Special Focus Travel Articles - Print: Eco, Environmental or Special Purpose Travel

gold-bulletsElizabeth Lonsdorf, “In Your Fifties: Africa,” National Geographic Traveler

silver-bulletsChristine Kassar, “Determination on Denali,” Elevation Outdoors

bronzeLucas Aykroyd, “Deep Into Brazil,” Just For Canadian Doctors

finalists-bulletsJohn Gottberg Anderson, “A Father's Day That Hits Home,” The Bulletin (Bend, OR)

finalists-bulletsTheresa Medoff, “Destination: Wedding,” AAA Traveler Worldwise

finalists-bulletsJayme Moye, “Flight Plan: Soaring in a Motorless Glider Plane,” 5280 Magazine

finalists-bulletsMichele Peterson, “Save a Reef, Eat a Lionfish,” Globe and Mail

Deep Into Brazil

Category 171:
Photography: Cover Photo, Illustration

gold-bulletsLucinda Hahn, “Majestic Africa,” AAA Living magazine

silver-bulletsMurad Osmann, “How to See the World in a Lifetime,” National Geographic Traveler

bronzeLucinda Hahn, “Seeking China,” AAA Living magazine

finalists-bulletsJanet Gyenes, “Escher's Atrani,” Just for Canadian Doctors magazine

finalists-bulletsDonna Adinolfi, “Enchanted by Ischia,” TravelWorld International Magazine

finalists-bulletsDarren Frei, “On Island Time,” Southbound

finalists-bulletsCraig Redman & Karl Maier, “Happiness Issue,” National Geographic Traveler


Category 173: Photography: Portrait, People - Print Publication

gold-bulletsAaron Huey, “The Song of Trinidad,” National Geographic Traveler

silver-bulletsPeter Turnley, “Café Society,” National Geographic Traveler

bronzeAaron Huey, “Postmark Bulgaria,” National Geographic Traveler

finalists-bulletsBarbara Sligl, “Cowboy in a diner, New Mexico,” Just for Canadian Doctors

finalists-bulletsHarold Daniels, “The Beat Goes On,” Southbound

finalists-bulletsCarina Mask, “Man About Town,” Palette


Category 174: Photography: Facility, Architectural - Print Publication

gold-bulletsRobert Jerome, “Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City,” The Rail Monthly

silver-bulletsAaron Huey, “Postmark Bulgaria,” National Geographic Traveler

bronzeRobert Jerome, “Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City,” The Rail Monthly

finalists-bulletsBarbara Sligl, “Scandi Chic, the Oslo Opera House,” Just for Canadian Dentists

finalists-bulletsRobert Jerome, “Biblio Café, Lyon, France,” The Rail Monthly


Category 176: Photography: Photo Essay - Print Publication

gold-bulletsAaron Huey, “State of Wonder,” National Geographic Traveler

silver-bulletsPeter Turnley, “Café Society,” National Geographic Traveler

bronzeBarbara Sligl, “Nordic Cool,” Just for Canadian Doctors

finalists-bulletsRobert Jerome, “Sports Travel for Older Athletes: American Masters Compete in Lyon, France,” National Masters News

Nordic Cool

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