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Updates In Diabetes, Obesity, Preventive Cardiology, And Advanced Lipidology

October 27 - November 3



Update on diabetes therapies that improve cardiovascular outcomes, Review new approaches to diabetes care

  • Review cardiovascular outcomes data for currently available diabetes medications including review of new classes of agents, GLP-1 agonists, SGT2 inhibitors, Quick release bromocriptine.

Obesity management from the perspective of a lipidologist: root causes analysis and treatment options

  • Identify medical factors, medications, insulin resistance as secondary causes of obesity and how to work up, address and treat these conditions .
  • Discussion of currently available obesity medications and impact on cardiovascular markers.

Updates in lipid management:

  • Review LDL lowering therapies including PSCK 9 inhibitors and cardiovascular outcomes data, Role of hyperabsorption and treatment options.

Advanced biomarker testing:

  • How to use Apo B, LDL P, Lp (a) , inflammatory markers in both primary and secondary prevention.
  • Review of the evidence for use of biomarkers in clinical risk assessment and management.

Case studies :

  • Complex lipid management, learn how to manage the most difficult cases.

Lowering triglycerides and raising HDL Cholesterol, does it matter?

  • Review of trial data for niacin, omega 3 fatty acids, fibrates

Microbiome and cardiovascular disease

  • Review of role of gut health and cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • How to practically assess gut health, TMAO and other gut health markers.

Women and cardiovascular health throughout the lifetime

  • Management of cardiovascular risk throughout lifetime.
  • PCOS, menopause, child bearing age. Role of inflammation, MTHFR
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